How to Dramatically Reduce the Time and Effort Associated with Server Audits

Generally speaking, an IT organization or department must maintain the configuration of their servers in compliance with some type of policy. That policy can be operational, regulatory (e.g. SOX, HIPAA, or PCI), or for security (e.g. DISA, NIST, or CIS). In order to achieve and maintain their servers’ compliance, they must define and apply configuration policies and regularly audit their system to ensure that compliance is met. In today’s business world, auditing is also utilized for the analysis of database actions, investigating suspicious or malicious activity, and troubleshooting problems.

Manual server audits use specially developed procedures to track data and object changes. This type of solution requires a large amount of code and development, which increases the cost and prolongs the timeframe of implementation. Once implemented, running these audits is often a time-consuming and error-prone endeavor. These problems can be compounded if an organization uses a combination of physical and virtual servers.

Reduce the Time and Effort Associated with Server Audits

One of the best ways to alleviate these problems associated with manual server audits is to use server automation. Server automation can greatly improve your IT organization’s ability to maintain compliance by applying configuration policies for you. When an application or server configuration deviates from the set policy, remediation instructions are generated and can be deployed on the server either manually or automatically.

BMC BladeLogic is the industry-leading solution for automated control, management, and enforcement of configuration changes in your data center. When implemented, BMC BladeLogic can increase your IT productivity for data center configuration management of servers, networks, databases, and applications. This improved productivity directly correlates to improved compliance and reduced time and effort associated with audits.

Additionally, BladeLogic is designed to be a cross-platform solution for managing both physical and virtual assets. That means you can manage all of your resources from a single platform whether they are traditional servers, cloud servers, or a combination of the two. BladeLogic is supported by a robust security model that can reduce your operational costs and improve your operational quality.

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