Fast Data, TIBCO NOW

The TIBCO NOW conference this week in San Francisco is moving along at a fantastic pace. Data topics, ranging from integration to predictive analytics to streaming real-time data and everything in between, have been covered with great enthusiasm and elegance as several eloquent speakers shared their vision of the future without letting us forget about the significant breakthroughs made in the 20th century and how far and fast we have come since the smart phone was introduced.

The world is changing quickly, and TIBCO made it clear this week that it is committed to not only maintaining its strong presence in the data sciences, but also helping bring about positive business outcomes for everyone, adding to the vast and growing data network along with other industry leaders, and contributing to the newest data solutions that many will use to carry out day-to-day business as our social networks expand at rates never before seen across the globe.

Hold on to your seats: "Fast Data…is processing big data in real-time to gain instant awareness and instant action."

Thanks to everyone that is helping make this event a success!

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Hugo Mendoza, PMP, Senior Business Intelligence Trainer and Consultant for Column Technologies

Hugo Mendoza is an IT professional with almost two decades of industry experience, and his background ranges from software development to authoring online training course-ware to overall project delivery. He is familiar with the many aspects of the software development life-cycle and is comfortable handling both small- and large-scale implementations for clients across different industries within both the commercial and government sectors. Additionally, Hugo has a strong background with the Tibco Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Platform, which includes the following core components: JasperReports Server, iReport Designer and Jaspersoft Studio, Jaspersoft ETL, and Jaspersoft OLAP.