Extending BMC Remedy Search Functionality

How?  Battling with BMC Remedy immature search capabilities is not a “news flash” to any Remedy power user.

Column Search looks through your BMC Remedy ITSM database and any other integrated databases, displaying search results in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. From the preview pane, users can access files that match the query or even associated BMC Remedy records, opening them within the browser or the appropriate application.

Column Search extends BMC Remedy query capabilities beyond the traditional application boundaries without cumbersome point-to-point integrations.   By including content from other structured data sources and file systems, and indexing this information for rapid consumption, Column Search adds a rich layer of contextual information to your BMC Remedy applications without the cost or overhead of other search and retrieval solutions.  You get the immediate benefit of accessing data from its native location without sacrificing speed or ease of use,” said David Savino, CTO of Column Technologies.

Through its Search Anywhere feature, users are now able to look at the entire network including key ITSM, CMDB, and BMC Remedy forms, embedded attachments such as MS Word and Adobe PDF, external databases such as MS SQL and Oracle, and even external network directories.  Built-in security leverages existing user authentication to limit information retrieved from searches allowing users to only see permission-based search results.  Search filtering refines existing searches without needing to rekey any information and additional refined searches are based on automatic recommended spell checking of the search field