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DIR Contracts

DIR’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program (formerly known as Go DIRect) is a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for state and local government, public education and other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. More information about DIR ICT Co-op Contract Program Overview can be found by clicking here. In addition, there are many out-of-state agencies currently holding an ICC with DIR. View Out-of-State Agencies Currently Holding an ICC with DIR.

Pricing has already been competed on the DIR contract making it unnecessary for the purchaser to obtain quotes from other sources or to spend time and other resourced going through a formal solicitation and evaluation process. The contract provides MSRP discounts and may be used by public/government entities anywhere in the United States. Warranty information can be found by clicking here.

The contract between Column Technologies and DIR's ICT Co-op, DIR-SDD-2505, allows direct purchases of the following products and services:

To obtain a copy of the contract from DIR's State website, please click here.

Obtaining Quotes:

Please provide a description of the product and/or services, desired timelines, and contact information. Written specifications and/or project requirements are recommended for receiving timely quotes. Please reference Column Technologies DIR contract number DIR-SDD-2505, in all correspondence.

Request a Quote

Request a quote via Phone, Fax, Mail, or E-mail:

  • Telephone: 1.866.265.8665
  • Fax: 630-271-1524
  • E-mail: DIRquote@columnit.com
  • USPS mail: Column Technologies
    Purchasing/DIR Contract
    DIR Contract No. DIR-SDD-2505
    10 E 22nd St., Suite 300, Lombard, IL 60148

Purchase Order Requirements:

  • Purchase order number
  • Completed on organization letterhead
  • Supplier must be stated as Column Technologies
  • Stated Clearly: Part numbers, service or product descriptions, quantity or scope of services ordered
  • Bill To and Ship To information is clearly identified
  • Purchase date must be within the last 30 days of the PO date
  • The contracting officer's signature
  • Reference original quote number provided by Column Technologies containing DIR Contract No. DIR-SDD-2505
  • Determinable date by which delivery of the product or performance of the services is required
  • Must include payment terms
  • Specify F.O.B. destination
  • Include any special invoice requirements, if applicable

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