Control-M Batch Impact Manager

Control-M Batch Impact Manager

Protect your business from service disruptions

Integrity, speed, quality are what makes you competitive. With BMC Control-M Batch Impact Manager you have the visibility and agility to quickly remediate issues before they affect the delivery of your business services. Use Control-M Batch Impact Manager to:

  • Identify potential threats to on-time service with predictive analytics.
  • Easily prioritize problem-solving with a clear view of the critical service path.
  • Quickly resolve problems with a simulated production environment.

Take the guesswork out of on-time service delivery

By connecting business services to the batch jobs delivering them, Control-M Batch Impact Manager gives you the visibility you need to deliver your critical digital services on time. Reprioritize work, add resources where and when needed, or simply understand which problems require the most immediate attention.

Manage service delivery, not batch jobs

Businesses deliver services – batch processing is how they do it. With a clear view of your services, you can see the critical processing path for on-time service delivery including current and estimated runtimes through the end of the business day.

Prioritize issues according to business impact

Find, use, and share application integrations from the crowd-sourced open community of Control-M customers and partners.Not all problems are equal. Understand which problems and failures affect delivery of critical services so you can make the right decisions for the business.

Get advance warning of potential problems

Predictive analytics provide advanced detection of potential problems, giving you the time you need to resolve or remediate service delays.

Simulate and assess possible solutions

Resolving problems that affect service delivery requires assessing possible solutions quickly. With a simulation of your production environment, you can immediately test a variety of scenarios to determine the best course of action.

Automatically notify key stakeholders

Set up automatic notifications for key stakeholders. This can include automatically generated email alerts, service desk tickets, or service notifications to the configuration management database (CMDB).

Learn how Control-M Batch Impact Manager can help you
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