Integrating File Transfer with Workload Automation

Control-M Advanced File Transfer

Automate and improve the reliability and security of your file transfers

File transfers are a critical part of many business services. To get maximum speed and efficiency of service delivery, file transfers need to be managed as an integrated step in the business workflow. BMC Control-M Advanced File Transfer enables you to:

  • Schedule and manage your FTP transfers securely
  • Gain instant visibility into the status of your transfers.
  • Eliminate lag time between file transfers and subsequent processing steps
  • Use automated recovery capabilities to improve reliability.

Integrate file transfers into your automated workflows

Control-M Advanced File Transfer lets you schedule and track FTP transfers like you would any other batch job. Use your favorite Control-M features—like problem prediction, impact analysis, auditing, forecasting, self-service, and cloud support—to take full control of your file transfer operations.

Build file transfers into scheduled jobs

Instead of managing transfers separately, include FTP actions as steps in your new or existing workflows.

Choose from several security and encryption options

Transfer files securely either via SFTP or FTP with SSL, with the option to use PGP encryption as well.

Schedule and monitor file transfers from a central interface

Create recurring file transfers and track their status from within your Control-M dashboard.

Automate the recovery of failed transfers

Recover and restart any failed transfer automatically, either from the point of failure or from the beginning.

Reduce staff and resource requirements

  • Eliminate development and maintenance costs for homegrown file transfer integrations
  • Cut back on network traffic with tighter, more controlled file transfer practices
  • Replace manual file transfer tasks using sophisticated automation capabilities

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