Column’s Top 10 Blog Post of 2015

Welcome to 2016! Although our blog is now more than five years old, this last year we strived to bring you a greater amount of thought leadership and share a multitude of practical tips on how to leverage technology to improve performance within your organization. With the rise and prevalence of data hacks in 2015, it’s no surprise we had a number of posts this past year covering information security. Cloud computing and digital service management also made headlines in 2015 with the broad shift toward consumerization and digitization. As such, they were both covered in our blog as well. Here’s a look back at the most read blogs of 2015:

# 10. Managing a Complex Cloud Environment

The reality of modern enterprise-level cloud computing is that it’s shifting toward the use of solutions that involve a complex cloud environment comprised of a combination of public and private cloud systems.

# 9. When is the play for a service management software platform the right fit?

Recently we have seen an emergence of the service management platform software play. Platforms must have certain capabilities that go beyond automation and a good looking user interface. Before you look at extending your current environment, we urge you to follow some guidelines.

# 8. Automated Configuration Compliance: Why it Matters

In the modern IT environment, there is a seemingly endless number of business processes being supported by IT. As these processes mount, it becomes necessary to implement and meet a veritable mountain of internal and external regulatory compliance requirements in an effective manner that is both efficient and sustainable.

# 7. Reinventing ITSM through Digitalization

With the rise of IT consumerization and new expectations regarding users’ technology experiences at work, IT needs to deliver services aimed at driving efficiencies focused on experiences in order to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

# 6. Next Generation Identity and Access Management Helps Healthcare Security Risk

Federal regulations pertaining to privacy and security of health information are being enforced more stringently than ever before, creating a disruption in the challenges faced by healthcare organizations nationwide. To protect patient privacy and secure health information, healthcare organizations must move beyond traditional security methods to proactive, strategic solutions.

# 5. New Version of Remedy Now Available!

BMC has announced the release of Remedy Version 9.0. Being hailed as smart, beautiful, and even more powerful, this release represents a new approach from BMC to understand users, identify and solve customer problems and focus on the experience. Read this blog to find out what’s new in BMC Remedy 9.0.

# 4. How to Dramatically Reduce the Time and Effort Associated with Server Audits

One of the best ways to alleviate the many problems associated with manual server audits is to use server automation. Server automation can greatly improve your IT organization’s ability to maintain compliance by applying configuration policies for you.

# 3. Cloud Computing: The Disruptive Phenomenon

Cloud computing, is in essence a disruptive phenomenon. Because of cloud computing and other advances, decades old practices are no longer viable in today’s business world. In order to transition to a cloud environment, you need an IT solution that allows you to monitor and manage it in all its complexity.

# 2. The Best Way to Safeguard Your Company's Sensitive Information

Information security is being forced to evolve with the recent dramatic increase in corporate hacker activity. It has become more than a dedicated IT project, moving to the core of many of your business decisions. So, how do you protect your enterprise’s confidential and proprietary data from being compromised?

# 1. Top 5 Identity & Access Management Tools

The need to safeguard financial information and protect sensitive data must be balanced with providing necessary access to information and resources across your organization’s technology environments. The solution? Identity and Access Management (IAM).

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