Cloud Computing

Many organizations are currently planning for - and building - initial cloud environments. With the goals of self-service, flexible access to resources, and tighter alignment with business needs, these clouds may start small, but need to be designed to grow and support increasing mission-critical workloads over time.

"Column Technologies is a BMC Elite Partner with proven ability to deploy robust Cloud Lifecycle Management projects. Column has a deep understanding of our Cloud, Automation and Orchestration products, making them a great partner to architect and implement value driven solutions based on BMC technology."

-Alan Chhabra, Area Vice President, World Wide Cloud and Data Center Automation, BMC Software

Benefits of cloud adoption:

Simplified Model

Cloud computing eliminates the need for additional investment in manpower, infrastructure, and other resources and simplifies overall IT adoption for any organization. This not only makes cloud adoption cost-effective but easy to handle and manage as well. Based on requirements, organizations can alter the approach of cloud adoption.

Reliable and Scalable Performance

Today, organizations are looking out for options to acquire reliable and scalable IT performance. Cloud computing makes it easier for organizations to connect reliability and scalability to their IT infrastructure to achieve business goals.


In today's business climate, it is crucial to protect sensitive data. However, the continuous changes in technology pose a challenge in security. Organizations lacking resources, infrastructure, and financial budgets are most at risk. One of the biggest benefits cloud computing provides is a secure, simple, and cost-effective mechanism of data management.

Our solutions help you build, manage, and run a better cloud. No matter where you are in your cloud deployment, we help you:

Step 1: Design your cloud

Identify the cloud services you want to offer, define the integration between your cloud and the rest of IT, and make the tough — but necessary — business and financial choices to ensure a cloud that best serves business needs.

With Cloud Planning & Design solutions from Column, you will:

  • Ensure each service is designed and configured to meet the needs of your business
  • Effectively design your cloud’s ongoing management policies and capacity needs to increase administrative efficiency
  • Integrate key IT processes to support the cloud environment
  • Identify opportunities and vendors for public cloud resources

Let Column help you address the current needs of your IT infrastructure — and account for its anticipated growth.

Step 2: Deliver what you promise

Deliver business value by providing each user with the right cloud service — rapidly and cost effectively — through sophisticated automation, tight operational controls, and the ability to support a broad range of heterogeneous resources.

With Hybrid Cloud Delivery solutions from Column, you will:

  • Meet business needs with flexible cloud service offerings
  • Efficiently deliver single and multi-tier cloud services
  • Implement intelligent, policy-driven placement and ongoing optimization
  • Benefit from broad resource support for physical and virtual, private and public cloud

Let Column help you deliver both superior cloud service and IT efficiency.

Step 3: Operate and optimize

Monitor and manage your cloud — not just the first day it’s provisioned, but on day 2, day 20, day 200, maybe even day 2000 — to ensure that the diverse needs of your users and your business are met well into the future.

With Cloud Operations solutions from Column, you will:

  • Link performance, capacity, and service levels to ensure holistic ongoing operations
  • Promote business-aware delivery of cloud service levels
  • Avoid outages in private and public cloud infrastructure
  • Anticipate service availability and performance issues before they impact users
  • Optimize resource utilization

Let's get started by monitoring and managing your cloud.

Step 4: Keep your cloud compliant and cost effective

Is your cloud running wild? You can't afford to lose control — of change, configuration, compliance or even costs.

Apply industry-leading configuration compliance, regulatory compliance, and IT business management solutions (including chargeback and financial management) across IT — including physical, virtual, private, and public cloud environments.

With Cloud Governance and Compliance solutions from BMC, you will:

  • Align business metrics with IT operations
  • Extend existing operational best practices to your cloud
  • Maintain responsible compliant operations
  • Exert tight fiscal controls and transparency

Let Column help you ensure the appropriate governance controls for applications and services in the cloud.

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