Case Management: Proving Pivotal for Government and Non-Profit Agencies

Today, case management software has become a critical part of case handling in government and non-profit agencies.  There is no doubt that manual processes, file folders, and database silos have no place in today’s organizations.

Case management has become a must for any organization to deliver streamlined operations, and we are seeing an upturn in government and non-profit agencies adopting case management software for their case handling operations.

While requirements of a case management solution vary in both licensing and delivery, the common specification still lies with decreasing business process management redundancies, ensuring security of who is accessing files and data, as well as reporting capabilities to meet compliance and regulations.

In Column’s recent case management market penetration, we are seeing the use of case management for improved field case work, intra-agencies coordination, and internal and external case investigation handling.  To point the varied use of case management, one of Asia’s largest government efficiency units has deployed case management to better serve their constituency as part of their 311 system. The case management solution will also help the unit to form the platform for the government’s other workflow and solution initiatives across all the other agencies.

In the United States, the largest census agency uses case management to improve its operation efficiency.  Another case management utilization example is  in a non-profit sector organization in the UK keep track of human trafficking investigations throughout Europe. This development points towards better records management and information sharing abilities of case management.

From an internal standpoint and a more interesting delivery method, is the State of Ohio Office of the Inspector General who has implemented case management to manage their internal investigations. The Office investigates fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption within the executive branch of state government. The case management tool will enable the Office to keep track of end-to-end investigation lifecycles.  Part of the delivery model included outsourcing the hosting of its application to ensure complete confidentiality and security from all internal personnel.

Case management has proven to be a crucial technological advantage in any organization.  The challenge will be for case management solutions to continuously enhance usability along with its features and functionality.  This is probably the reason why many government and non-profit organizations are turning to Column Technologies.  With continuous enhancements of the tool, there is no question that Column’s Case Management solution is the leader in the space.  Need help with your case management solution, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..