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About BMC Remedy AR System 7.5

BMC Remedy AR System provides a consolidated Service Process Management platform for automating and managing Service Management business processes.

With its request-centric, workflow-based architecture, BMC Remedy AR System is optimized for efficiency in Service Management business process delivery and includes pre-built modules for notifications, escalations, and approvals. It also provides business activity monitoring functionality to proactively measure business process performance.

BMC Remedy AR System is compatible with existing IT infrastructures and includes intuitive integration capabilities, including support for Web Services.

BMC Remedy AR System Learning Path Roles

Column Technologies offers BMC Remedy AR System Learning Paths for key roles across industries and organizations. For both Learning Paths, the roles are:

  • Administrators maintain and configure the BMC Remedy AR System server. They also modify workflow or build workflow on a limited basis
  • Developers design, test, deploy, and troubleshoot BMC Remedy AR System applications as determined by the assessed needs of a business
  • Managers oversee the usage and implementation of BMC Remedy AR applications as well as those that use the solution

BMC Remedy AR System 7.5 Learning Path

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