Modern self-service for the Digital workplace


Work smarter with context-aware IT services

MyIT is a personal assistant running on each user’s device so they can easily help themselves to context-aware IT services.

Make it easier for users to ask questions, find answers, and request services with simple text posts.

Enjoy a more efficient and secure workplace by enabling users to install and update applications.

Reduce IT friction and support costs by encouraging fast, accurate self-help and crowdsourced solutions.

Help users be more productive by enabling them to access business apps on any device.

Empower your users to do more

MyIT relieves much of the burden on your IT department by enabling users to accomplish key service tasks from their own devices.

Formless IT

Simply describe a problem in a post, and MyIT identifies the best solution.

Crowdsourced IT

Allow anyone to add assets to maps, report outages, and contribute solutions..

Context-Aware Services

Receive helpful services and alerts based on role, location, equipment, preferences, and more.

Universal APP Store

Easily build your own enterprise app store with AppZone.

Smart Conference-Room Booking

Set a time range, indicate room size and features, and let MyIT do the rest.


Get help in-person or using chat, phone, or collaboration platforms such as Skype® or Google+®.

Take a closer look

  • Deflect routine help desk calls to decrease the cost of high-priority tickets by 33%.
  • Cut IT-related downtime by 25% by connecting business users to IT services anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Find more time and resources for critical IT transformation projects.
  • Use across iOS, Android, or any device with an HTML5 browser.

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