BMC BladeLogic Learning Path - BMC Software Training

About BMC BladeLogic Server Automation

BMC BladeLogic is a leading platform for the management, control, and enforcement of configuration changes in the data center.

BMC BladeLogic Learning Path Roles

Column Technologies offers BMC BladeLogic Learning Paths for key roles across industries and organizations. For BMC BladeLogic, the Administrator role:

  • Creates BladeLogic Packages to deploy content, configuration changes, and applications on remote servers
  • Creates jobs that deploy configuration changes, content, and applications to servers
  • Executes application stack provisioning by installing multiple applications and configuration changes in sequence
  • Performs patch management
  • Analyzes and audits multiple servers and applications for compliance with company or government policies
  • Creates compliance jobs to audit server assets and audit remediation results
  • Uses the BMC Service Assusrance and Report Analytics to generate audit and compliance reports
  • Uses BMC BladeLogic to automate the application release process

BMC BladeLogic 7.5 Learning Path

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