BMC Atrium

Reduce cost and minimize risk with the industry's leading service-driven architecture for managing IT.

Only with BMC can you move beyond point-to-point integrations and traditional CMDBs to:

  • Design and model IT infrastructure, services, and policies
  • Transition well-orchestrated services into production, consistently and quickly
  • Operate services with clear insight and quickly adapting to change,
  • Establish and readily maintain a single source of truth for IT infrastructure and services

With BMC Atrium, you will:

  • Reduce failed changes by 50%
  • Reduce manual efforts to remediate server events by up to 90%
  • Eliminate 95% of manual effort to discover and map configuration items

Create a single source of reference for IT

BMC Atrium CMDB:

  • Federates data from across IT into a single, logical data store
  • Merges data from multiple discovery tools into a single, reliable dataset
  • Integrates to third-party IT processes and tools through open APIs
  • Maintains data accuracy in rapidly changing IT environments
  • Simplifies data mapping through an enterprise integration engine
  • Organizes and standardizes applications in a definitive software library

Automatically discover IT assets, applications, and relationships

BMC Discovery (ADDM):

  • Provides the industry's largest open library of predefined product configurations
  • Provides critical, historical context by linking all discovered data back to its source
  • Seamlessly integrates with key IT management systems, third-party CMDBs, and the market-leading BMC Atrium CMDB
  • Includes reference data for hardware power consumption and heat dissipation and for software end-of-life dates
  • Requires no software to be installed on discovered devices
  • Encrypts passwords and communication (tested against industry-standard penetration tools)
  • Includes automated diagnostics that quickly identify location and cause of discovery issues

Benefit from highly interactive access to key metrics

BMC Atrium Dashboards and Analytics:

  • Fully customizable, personalized, and role-based views for KPIs aligned with ITIL best practices
  • Highly intuitive, graphical interface with metrics aggregated across IT processes
  • Drill-down and trending capabilities across business services
  • Pre-built data “universe” that lets non-technical users create reports in seconds, without programming
  • Web-based interface for interactive, ad hoc query and analysis
  • Summarized, cross-functional views of IT performance


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