Adopting Innovation: Four Key Enterprise Efforts

When it comes to technology adoption, enterprises typically fall behind the curve. Why? Because most large companies have established tried-and-true business processes to handle any IT concerns and often balk at the potential complexity of new innovations. However, four key areas: The digital workplace, 360-degree view, value-added services and automation leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) now demand enterprise attention. Here's a quick look at each:

The Digital Workplace

For enterprises, the digital workplace represents potential: Employees can work anywhere, anytime, and solve most of their IT infrastructure problems without assistance from in-house IT professionals. Though according to Baseline Magazine, truly digital workplaces remain elusive because 84 percent of companies believe that email and social media alone are enough to empower this kind of innovation.

The reality is more complex: Users need the ability to ask questions in plain language, receive answers almost immediately, and access business apps across any device. Column's MyIT services are designed to support this innovation by empowering users with context-aware services like formless IT, crowd-sourced solutions, and a universal app store — finally capitalizing on the promise of digital futures as business management solutions.

360-Degree Customer View

How well do you know your customers? It's no longer enough to simply remember addresses and purchase histories; consumers now demand full-service interaction from companies regardless of channel. Consider social media: If customers post on Facebook or Twitter about a problem they've encountered, they want return messaging in hours, not days. What's more, sales and marketing must now link with customer support, since consumers don't want to hear that “another department” is responsible for their issue — they simply want it resolved.

Enabling this kind of 360-degree view of consumers demands effective, data-driven analysis in addition to seamless IT management to create a unified enterprise experience.

Value-Added Services

Customers aren't the only source of enterprise revenue. New digital marketplaces offer a way for companies to drive revenue without direct consumer engagement. Creating highly rated apps and submitting them to networked enterprise app stores is one possible avenue; many enterprises are also branching out into the arena of managed service provision to offer value-added services over the long term.

IoT Automation

The final enterprise innovation that's making waves right now? IoT automation. Always-connected devices are rapidly becoming commonplace, everything from RFID chips and beacons to wirelessly networked environmental sensors, but for enterprises, the next frontier is the ability to automate large-scale processes across all devices simultaneously — effectively allowing them to scale up both virtual and physical networks on demand.

Enterprises can no longer afford to wait on new technology developments to fully mature before green lighting IT spend. The trick is knowing which offers maximum ROI: Digital workplaces, better customer views, value-added services, and IoT automation are four key frontrunners.